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Melissa C.
Woodland Hills, CA  

I cannot say enough about Dr. Roman and his entire staff! Thank you for being an honest and humble genius when it comes to your craft. I trust his expertise with everything and I will never go to another dentist! 
He explains everything and is someone that you can trust to give you the real truth about what you may or may not need! I have had a full mouth of veneers from one of the THE most notable (might I say expensive as well) Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists and he is having to fix things that should not have been an issue had it been done properly to begin with!!! 
Please do yourself a favor and see him. He will never steer you wrong and is truly a master in Prosthodontics. I wish there were more honest people in dentistry like Dr. Roman! 
Thank you for continuing to be the BEST! 
And if I could give you 10 stars I would!

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Per patient Joyce Lilly – Elizabeth K RDH is a fabulous hygienist! Absolutely outstanding!

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Maria T.
Studio City, CA
Amazing! the doctor is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. The assistants are super friendly.
Eileen Z.
Northridge, Los Angeles, CA

As my dentist of 30 yrs. retired I found out about Dr. Roman through a friend who suggested I see him.  Well, since that time (5 yrs. ago) I have had several new fillings, correction on an implant done  15 yrs. ago, several veneers, removal of a filling with mercury and replacement without any metals  and a new bridge for my front teeth.  I have had all my fillings, and other work above done WITHOUT Novocain and I used to have to have nitrous (gas) just to relax me prior to the shots.
Dr.Roman has only once had to give me a shot due to the location of a difficult cavity but normally there is no need as he progresses slowly with confidence and if I were to feel anything I could tell him.  This is amazing to think that all my work has not required me to walk around with a limp lip drooling! 
Also that way, as he explained, I would know if something didn’t feel right which you cannot if you have been numbed.
He is a smart, conscientious, and kind person and obviously knows his stuff! Rosie is the front office receptionist who is as nice as nice could be and the other employees are all very soft spoken and kind.  Elizabeth who is the dental hygienist is wonderful also.

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Jeffrey C.
Valencia, CA

What can I say about Dr. Roman? He is my savior. When I first came to him, my mouth was falling apart. Before I came to Dr. Roman I had been the patient of a rather inexperienced dentist for years, and my mouth was in bad shape partly because I did not take good care of it when I was younger and partly because what my ex-dentist did to my mouth, he poorly fixed a bridge and crowns that should’ve lasted for decades, but were failing left and right.

Enter Dr. Roman, a true artist, a dental genius. He is removing these cheap crowns that are falling apart and replacing them with high-quality crowns with no metal. He is working closely with implant centers to get me the best pricing while still using the best possible materials. Knowing I’m spending a fortune to fix my mouth, Dr. Roman has given me drastic discounts…which cuts into his bottom line. But he doesn’t care, he told me one time, “if your mouth isn’t perfect after all of this is over, you will not be happy.” He wants my mouth to be perfect, he knows what I can afford, and he is making it work…a perfect mouth on my budget.

He teaches advanced dental classes at USC, so his training is always at the pinnacle of the dental field. If you have anything beyond basic dental work to get done…I strongly, STRONGLY recommend Dr. Roman. He is Leonardo da Vinci with a scraper and a drill.

He even filled a cavity of mine without anesthesia. Did you read that? No anesthesia, he drilled out the decay and filled the tooth. No anesthesia, and no pain. Incredible, a true master.

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Aneta S.
Los Angeles, CA

Let me preface my review by letting you know all my teeth are natural — they are not perfect but I am ok with that.  The only issue that bothers me is a slight chip in the front right tooth which has to be fixed every 5 years or so. It chipped again yesterday. Notice the chip in the front tooth on the before picture and my 1 hour after I saw Dr. Roman.  What I love is that Dr Roman took me in on a day’s notice, understanding that having a front tooth chip is horrifying. I thank the Staff and the Doc for being sensitive and kind and doing such a fabulous job.  You cannot even tell that I had a broken tooth and the color is matched perfectly. Dr Roman does not need a review as he is highly specialized in his field, but this hopefully helps anyone who may be looking for some aesthetic work and is uncertain where to go.  I know I always want a referral or want to see proof.  Go Trojans!

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Gena H.
North Hollywood, CA

Thank you to Dr. Roman for taking such good care of my teeth. He is the best!! 
If you care about your teeth then this is the only place to go!!

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Lorelyn S.
Los Angeles, CA

We’ve been referred through Dr. Niver’s office to Dr. Roman a true first class dentist. He’s considered the best dentist in our area and he teaches at USC School of dentistry. The important things that happened to me here at his office, first he save my tooth by giving me a filling on chipped tooth. Secondly, he gave me a root canal, painlessly. After that he did clean my tooth and some x-rays since it’s a been a long time that we can’t find a good dentist albeit we don’t have Insurance he was nice enough to give us discounts on some of his work he performed. In addition, He is extremely warm human being as is all of his stuff. Rosy is a real stand out and michelle is always sweet and fun to speak with. The place that he’s working on with me got a great view of San Fernando Valley looking North towards the mountains.

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kristy m.
Moorpark, CA

Dr Roman had fixed my very difficult tooth 28 years ago. The other day I had taken a bite with my front tooth and broken it off and needed him to fix. He so graciously made time for me and preformed his magic. He’s the first person I thought of and the only person I trusted to help me take the best course of action for my situation.

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Carlos Esquivia

5 months ago
Excellent doctor and staff, they also have 2 hour street parking (about $2) and the building has parking but it’s not self park unless you work in the building.–Google review
Megan Pham

5 months ago
Amazing and skilled dentist. He thoroughly explains things to the patient and he genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients. He’s also super friendly and knows what he’s doing from decades of experience. Best dentist I’ve had and his staff members are also knowledgeable and very kind. Going to Dr. Roman is a very comfortable experience.–Google review
Princess Jackson

8 months ago
Wonderful staff!, their hygentist is phenomenal she is caring and does a wonderful cleaning. The dentist is extremely knowledgeable and throughly explains everything out.-Google review
Mara Topic

a year ago
Super good dentist, and his staff are extremly friendly. -Google review